Parectopa erigeronella (Chambers, 1877)

Higher taxa: Gracillariidae (family)/  Ornixolinae (subfamily)/  Parectopa (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym, the accepted name is Parectopa plantaginisella
Authorship:(Chambers, 1877)
Citation:G.[racillaria] erigeronella.
Original genus:Gracillaria
Publication:Chambers, V. T. 1877b. Tineina.
Journal:Canadian Entomologist
Taxonomic note:

Chambers (1877c: 127) simply gave another name to his Gracilaria plataginisella Chambers, 1872, because he discovered that the caterpillar lives on Erigeron and not on Plantago. A junior objective synonym of Gracilaria plantaginisella Chambers, 1872.

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