The main objective of this searchable website is to make all relevant information on every Gracillariidae species hitherto known, accessible to any user worldwide.

The website provides information on:

  • the current taxonomic status of every Gracillariidae species
  • bibliographical reference to the original description
  • synonyms in the family group, genera, and species
  • type genera of families
  • type species of genera
  • type locality of species
  • information on type specimens and their depository
  • geographical distribution (country names)
  • larval host plant(s)

The sequence of families, genera and species is alphabetical to enable the user to easily retrieve the necessary information


Utmost care was taken that the data incorporated in the database are correct. We decline any responsibility in case of damage to soft- or hardware based on information used in this website. Persons retrieving information from this website for their own research or for applied aspects such as pest control programmes, should acknowledge the usage of data from this website in the following format: De Prins J. & De Prins W. 2011–2024. Global Taxonomic Database of Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera). World Wide Web electronic publication [accession date]. For photographs please contact the owner of the copyrights.

We cordially thank our lepidopterist colleagues, who have contributed in various ways to the present online database.

Aarvik Leif – Literature and pictures

Agassiz David – Literature and pictures

Akite Perpetra – Pictures

Aulombard François – Literature and pictures

Ayalew Asrat – Pictures

Bakary S. – Pictures

Bakheet Mohamed – Pictures

Bąkowski M. – Pictures

Ballesteros-Meija Liliana – Literature

Baptista Lena – Pictures

Baron Thomas – Pictures

Bartsch Daniel – Sesiidae, literature and pictures

Basquin Patrick – Literature and pictures

Bassi Graziano – Crambidae, literature and pictures

Behounek G. – Pictures

Bengtsson B. A. – Scythrididae, literature and pictures

Bidzilya Oleksey – Gelechiidae, literature and pictures

Bippus Maik – Pictures and literature

Blamire Gavin – Pictures

Böinck Frank – Information

Bolotov Ivan – Literature and pictures

Boomsma Danny – Literature

Brou Vernon Antoine – Pictures

Bucsek K. – Pictures

Butler Rhett – Pictures

Cipolla Alexandre – Information

Cohel Callan – Pictures and information

Cregoe J. P. – Pictures

Darge Philippe – Literature and pictures

Dawson Brett – Pictures

de Freina Josef J. – Literature and pictures

de Jong Rienk – Pictures

Desmet Frans – Pictures

Dubatolov Vladimir – Arctiinae, iterature and pictures

Eitschberger Ulf – Literature and pictures

Epstein Marc – Limacodidae, literature and pictures

Esplin T. – Pictures

Fahr Jacob – Pictures

Fiebig Ralf – Pictures

Fowler Liza – Pictures

Gaedike Rheinhard – Literature and pictures

Garcia-Baross Enrique – Information

Garrevoet Theo – Sesiidae and literature

Gielis Cees – Pterophoridae and literature

Giusti Alessandro – Pictures

Goff Roy – Various information and pictures

Gorbunov O. G. – Pictures

Grehan John

Haba W. – Pictures

Hacker Hermann – Pictures

Haigh Simon – Pictures

Hanot Stéphane – Pictures

Harvey William – Pictures

Hausmann Axel – Information and pictures

Heckford Bob – Pictures

Heyns Johan – Pictures

Hines Chris – Pictures

Hogan James – Pictures

Honig Naftali – Pictures

Høier H. – Pictures

Honey Martin – Pictures

Hulsbosch Ramon – Pictures

Ioannou N. – Pictures

Irish John – Information

Jones Tim – Pictures

Jörpeland J. – Pictures

Kaila Lauri – Literature and pictures

Karisch Timm – Literature and pictures

Kemal Muhabbet – Literature and pictures

Kerkhof Stefan – Literature and pictures

King Simon – Pictures

Konda ku Mbuta Augustin – Pictures

Kozlov Mikhail – Photographs

Krüger Martin – Pictures, Literature and identifications

Kühne Lars – Pictures

Kumata T. – Gracillariidae, literature

Kurshakov Pavel a. – Pictures

Lafontaine Don – Pictures

Lalle Iole – Pictures

Landeck Ingmar – Pictures

Landry Bernard – Literature, information on type specimens in MHNG

Lees David – Pictures

Leeuwerck Eric – Pictures

Legrain Albert – Noctuoidea, information, literature and pictures

Lehmann Ingo – Metarbelidae, literature and pictures

Leonidov Michael – Pictures

Le Ru Bruno – Literature

Lenz J. – Pictures

Lesethle Barati – Pictures

Li Houhun – Literature and pictures

Löbel Hans – Pictures

Mackie James – Pictures

Maes Koen – Crambidae, informatio and literature

Mally Richard – Pictures

Mazzei Paolo – Pictures

McCabe T. – Pictures

Mey Wolfram – Literature and pictures

Miller Scott – Literature

Minet Joel – Literature and pictures

Naumann Stefan – Pictures

Nupponen Kari – Pictures

Oudejans Rob – Pictures

París Mercedes – Pictures

Park Kyu-Tek – Information, literature, pictures

Pasquasy Serge – Pictures

Pavesi Maurizio – Information

Poirier E. – Pictures

Poltavsky A. N. – Pictures

Prozorov Alex – Literature and pictures

Przybylowicz Lukasz – Thyretini, pictures and literature

Przystałkowska Anna – Pictures

Pryce David - Pictures

Rajenison B. - Pictures

Razafimanantsoa Tsiresy – Pictures

Reunanen Otso – Pictures

Riddell Ian – Pictures

Rigato Fabrizio – Information

Roelofs P. W. A. – Information, literature

Roland Hanna – Information

Roland W. – Pictures

Ronkay Laszlo – Pictures

Rougerie R. – Literature

Sattler Klaus – Literature

Sauvage Isabella – Literature

Savela Markku – Information

Schellhorn Steffen – Pictures

Schintlmeister Alexander – Pictures

Schmit P. – Pictures

Schouten Rob – Literature

Schutte R. – Pictures

Schweinhart Ben – Pictures

Segerer Andreas – Pictures

Seizmair Michael – Literature and pictures

Shaw Mark – Pictures and information

Short D. – Pictures

Simon D. – Pictures

Sircoulomb G. – Pictures

Solovyev A. V. – Pictures

Sommerer Manfred – Geometridae, literature and pictures

Sourakov A. – Pictures

Sruoga Virginijus – Information and pictures

Stadie Dirk – Pictures

Staude Hermann – Pictures

Steur Joen – Pictures

Sullivan J. B. – Pictures

Sund R. – Pictures

Sunnay Louisa – Pictures

Tardivel Jill – Pictures

Tropek R. – Pictures

Tweehuyzen Godard – Literature

Ustjuzhanin Petr – Pterophoridae, literature and pictures

Van Assche Michèle – Literature

van der Wolf Hugo – Coleophoridae, literature

van Nieukerken Erik J. – Pictures and literature

Van Rensburg E. – Pictures

Verdecia Vanessa – Pictures

Verster A. – Pictures

Vives Moreno Antonio – Pictures and literature

Voaden Nigel – Pictures

Volynkin Anton – Pictures

Yakovlev Roman – Cossidae, literature and pictures

Zilioli Michele – Information

Zilli Alberto – Pictures and information

Zolotuhin Vladimir V. – Lasiocampidae, pictures and literature

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