Cryptolectica euryphanta (Meyrick, 1911)

Higher taxa: Gracillariidae (family)/  Acrocercopinae (subfamily)/  Cryptolectica (genus)/ 
Authorship:(Meyrick, 1911)
Citation:Acrocercops euryphanta, n. sp.
Original genus:Acrocercops
Publication:Meyrick, E. 1911c. Reports of Percy Sladen Trust Expedition to the Indian Ocean in 1905. No XII. Tortricina and Tineina.
Journal:Transactions of the Linnean Society, London
Volume:(ser. 2) 14

Taxonomic note:

Transferred to the genus Cryptolectica Vári, 1961 by Triberti (2004: 80–81) on the basis of male and female genital morphology.

Scientific name TypeStatus Gender Museum Description Country Locality Publication URL
Cryptolectica euryphanta (Meyrick, 1911) Holotype BMNH Holotype ♂, genitalia slide 6077, BMNH Seychelles [Seychelles], Félicité.
Cryptolectica euryphanta (Meyrick, 1911) Allotype TMSA Metallotype ♀, genitalia slide G7701, TMSA. Seychelles [Seychelles], Félicité.
Scientific name Plant Country Publication URL
Scientific name Parasitoid Country Publication URL
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination