Gracillaria anastomosis Haworth, 1828

Higher taxa: Gracillariidae (family)/  Gracillariinae (subfamily)/  Gracillariini (tribe)/  Gracillaria (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym, the accepted name is Gracillaria syringella
Authorship:Haworth, 1828
Citation:G.[racillaria] anastomosis.
Original genus:Gracillaria
Publication:Haworth, A. H. 1828. Lepidopterae Britannicae. Pars IV cum indice finali.
Pagination:530, nr. 13
Taxonomic note:

A junior subjective synonym of Tinea syringella Fabricius, 1794, synonymized by Zeller (1847b: 343). The ICZN, 1979, Bull.Zool.Nom. 27: 27, in Opin. 912 placed Gracillaria anastomosis on the Official List of Specific Names in Zoology: Name Number 2382.

Scientific name TypeStatus Gender Museum Description Country Locality Publication URL
Gracillaria anastomosis Haworth, 1828 Lectotype HDOU Lectotype ♂, abdomen destroyed except basal segments, Paralectotype ♂, abdomen glued to thorax, HDOU, designated by Bradley (1966a: 131). United Kingdom [United Kingdom], Coomb Wood. Bradley, J. D. 1966a. Type specimens of Microlepidoptera in the University Museum, Oxford, described by Haworth. page 530, nr. 13
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Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination