A list of the North American Lepidoptera and key to the literature of this order of Insects.

Author:Dyar, H. G.
Journal:Bulletin of the United States National Museum
Volume:52 (1902)
Pagination:xix + 1–723
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrocercops quniquestrigella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Coriscium quniquestrigella [Coriscium] quniquestrigella Chambers
Caloptilia alautella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Coriscium alautella [Coriscium] alautella Duponchel
Caloptilia cuculipenellum (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Coriscium cuculipenellum [Coriscium] cuculipenellum Hübner
Caloptilia ruptostrigella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Gracillaria ruptostrigella [Gracilaria] ruptostrigella Beutenmüller
Caloptilia sebastianella (Dyar, 1903) Synonym Gracillaria sebastianella [Gracilaria] sebastianella Busck
Caloptilia shastaella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Gracillaria shastaella [Gracilaria] shastaella Beutnemüller
Cameraria bethuniella (Dyar, 1903) Misapplied Lithocolletis bethuniella [Lithocolletes] [sic] bethuniella Chambers
Cremastobombycia ambrosiella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Lithocolletis ambrosiella [Lithocolletis] ambrosiella Chambers
Eucosmophora sideroxyloniella Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Eucosmophora sideroxyloniella [Eucosmophora] sideroxyloniella Busck
Marmara guilandinae Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Marmara guilandinae Marmara guilandinae Busck
Marmara similiacicella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Phyllocnistis similiacicella [Phyllocnistis] similiacisella Chambers
Metriochroa psychotriatella Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Metriochroa psychotriatella Metriochroa psychotriatella Busck
Phyllocnistis erechtiisella Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Phyllocnistis erechtiisella [Phyllocnistis] erechtiisella Chambers
Phyllocnistis liriodendrella Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Phyllocnistis liriodendrella [Phyllocnistis] liriodendrella Clemens.
Phyllocnistis magnoliella Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Phyllocnistis magnoliella [Phyllocnistis] magnoliella Chambers
Phyllonorycter bolliella (Dyar, 1903) Misapplied Lithocolletis bolliella [Lithocolletes] bolliella Dyar
Phyllonorycter hageni (Dyar, 1903) Misapplied Lithocolletis hageni [Lithocolletes] hageni Frey & Boll
Phyllonorycter longirostrata (Dyar, 1903) Misapplied Lithocolletis longirostrata [Lithocolletes] [sic] longirostrata Frey & Boll
Phyllonorycter necospinusella (Dyar, [1903]) Misapplied Lithocolletis necospinusella Lithocolletes [sic] syn. necospinusella Chambers
Phyllonorycter tilieacella Dyar, [1903] Misapplied Phyllonorycter tilieacella [Phyllonorycter tilieacella Chambers
Phyllonorycter virginella (Dyar, 1903) Misapplied Lithocolletis virginella [Lithocolletis] virginella Chambers