Revision of the West-Indian Micro-Lepidoptera with descriptions of new species.

Author:Walsingham, Lord (Thomas de Grey)
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrocercops albomarginatum (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Coriscium albomarginatum Coriscium albomarginatum, sp. n.
Acrocercops attenuatum (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Coriscium attenuatum Coriscium attenuatum, sp. n.
Acrocercops ornata (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Eucosmophora ornata Eucosmophora ornata, sp. n.
Dialectica permixtella Walsingham, 1897 Accepted Dialectica permixtella Dialectica permixtella, sp. n.
Dialectica rendalli Walsingham, 1897 Accepted Dialectica rendalli Dialectica rendalli, sp. n.
Dialectica sanctaecrucis Walsingham, 1897 Accepted Dialectica sanctaecrucis Dialectica sanctae-crucis, sp. n.
Eucosmophora dives Walsingham, 1897 Accepted Eucosmophora dives Eucosmophora dives, sp. n.
Neurostrota cupreella (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Eucosmophora cupreella Eucosmophora cupreella, sp. n.
Parectopa nesitis (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Gracillaria nesitis Gracilaria nesitis, sp. n.
Parectopa pulverella (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Gracillaria pulverella Gracilaria pulverella, sp. n.
Parectopa undosa (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Gracillaria undosa Gracilaria undosa, sp. n.
Parornix errantella (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Ornix errantella Ornix errantella, sp. n.
Phyllonorycter argentifrontella (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Lithocolletis argentifrontella Lithocolletis argentifrontella, sp. n.
Phyllonorycter tenuicaudella (Walsingham, 1897) Accepted Lithocolletis tenuicaudella Lithocolletis tenuicaudella, Wlsm.
Spanioptila spinosum Walsingham, 1897 Accepted Spanioptila spinosum Spanioptila spinosum, sp. n.