Descriptions of Australasian Micro-Lepidoptera. XIX. Plutellidae.

Author:Meyrick, E.
Journal:Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrocercops archepolis (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Conopomorpha archepolis C.[onopomorpha] archepolis, n. sp.
Aristaea amalopa (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Macarostola amalopa M.[acarostola] amalopa, n. sp.
Aristaea periphanes Meyrick, 1907 Accepted Aristaea periphanes A.[ristaea] periphanes, n.sp.
Caloptilia cirrhopis (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Gracillaria cirrhopis Gracilaria cirrhopis, n. sp.
Caloptilia ischiastris (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Gracillaria ischiastris G.[racilaria] ischiastris, n. sp.
Caloptilia peltophanes (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Gracillaria peltophanes G.[racilaria] peltophanes, n. sp.
Conopomorpha antimacha Meyrick, 1907 Accepted Conopomorpha antimacha C.[onopomorpha] antimacha, n. sp.
Conopomorpha chionochtha Meyrick, 1907 Accepted Conopomorpha chionochtha C.[onopomorpha] chionochtha, n. sp.
Conopomorpha habrodes Meyrick, 1907 Accepted Conopomorpha habrodes C.[onopomorpha] habrodes, n. sp.
Conopomorpha heliopla Meyrick, 1907 Accepted Conopomorpha heliopla C.[onopomorpha] heliopla, n. sp.
Conopomorpha zaplaca Meyrick, 1907 Accepted Conopomorpha zaplaca C.[onopomorpha] zaplaca, n. sp.
Parectopa ophidias (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Macarostola ophidias Macarostola ophidias, n. sp.
Phyllonorycter stephanota (Meyrick, 1907) Accepted Lithocolletis stephanota L.[ithocolletis] stephanota, n. sp.
Porphyrosela desmochrysa (Meyrick, 1907) Misapplied Lithocolletis desmochrysa L.[ithocolletis] desmochrysa Low.