Vicia cracca (L., 1753)

Higher taxa: Fabaceae (family)/  Vicia (genus)/ 
Authorship:L., 1753
Species Country Publication
Micrurapteryx fumosella Kuznetzov & Tristan, 1985 Kyrgyzstan Kuznetzov, V. I. & Tristan, N. I. 1985. A review of the leaf blotch miners of the genus Micrurapteryx Spuler (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) of the Palaearctic fauna. page: 189
Micrurapteryx gerasimovi Ermolaev, 1982 Ermolaev, V. P. 1982. A review of Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera) injurious to the legumenes in the south of the Primorye Territory, with description of two new species. page: 573
Micrurapteryx gradatella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855) Japan page: new record (ZSM)
Phyllonorycter nigrescentella (Logan, 1851) Germany Herrich-Schäffer, G. A. W. 1855. Systematische Bearbeitung der Schmetterlinge von Europa zugleich als Text, Revision und Supplement zu Jakob Hübner's Sammlung europäischer Schmetterlinge. 5. Die Schaben und Federmotten. page: 331
Phyllonorycter viciae (Kumata, 1963) Ermolaev, V. P. 1981a. On the fauna of mining Gracillariidae, Lepidoptera from the south of the Far East. In: Kulikova, L. S., Arefin, V. S., Simakova, T. P. (Eds.): Fauna and ecology of insects from Primorye region and Kamchatka. page: 40
Sauterina hofmanniella (Schleich, 1867) Germany page: ZSM