Museums Lookup

Acronym Name City Country
ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Philadelphia United States, US
AMNH American Museum of Natural History, New York New York United States, US
ACIAR Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Sigatoka Fiji
AMS Australian Museum Sydney Sydney Australia
ANIC Australian National Insect Collection Canberra Australia
BPBM Bernice P. Bishop Museum United States, US
ZIUL Biological Museum, Department of Biology, University of Lund Lund Sweden
BIN Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences St. Petersburg Russian Federation
CAS California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco San Francisco United States, US
CIS California Insect Survey United States, US
CMCZ Cambridge Museum of Comparative Zoology Cambridge United States, US
CUMZ Cambridge University, Zoological Museum Cambridge United Kingdom
CNC Canadian National Collection of Insects, Ottawa Ottawa Canada
CDRS Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos Ecuador
IDEA Colección Entomológica de la Universidad de Tarapacá Arica Chile
VOB Coleçao Vitor O. Becker, Reserva Serra Bonita Camacan Brazil
DZUP Coleção Padre Jesus S. Moure, Departamento de Zoologia, Universidade Federal do Paraná Curitiba, Paraná Brazil
SKO Collection of S.A. Kniazev Omsk Russian Federation
NCUT Copernicus University, Torun Torun Finland
CU Cornell University Ithaca United States, US
DMNS Denver Museum of Nature and Science Denver United States, US
INU Department of Life Sciences, Incheon National University, Korea Incheon Korea, Republic of
EIHU Entomological Institute, Hokkaido University Sapporo Japan
ELKU Entomological Laboratory Kyusyu University Japan
EMUL Entomological Museum of the University of Lund Lund Sweden