Eucestidae Hampson, 1918 (subfamily)

AUTHORHampson, 1918
STATUSSynonym of subfamily
SYNONYM OF Lithocolletinae
PUBLICATION Hampson, G. F. 1918. Some small families of the Lepidoptera which are not included in the key to the families in the catalogue of Lepidoptera Phalaenae, a list of the families and subfamilies of the Lepidoptera with thier types and a key to the families. - Novitates Zoologicae 25:366-394-.
COMMENTSType genus: Eucestis Hübner, 1825. Verzeichnis bekannter Schmettlinge [sic]: 423. Included in Fletcher (1929) within the Lithocolletidae and in Nye & Fletcher (1991) within the Gracillariidae.