Phyllonorycter mariaeella (Chambers, 1875)


SUBFAMILY Lithocolletinae
SPECIES mariaeella
AUTHOR(Chambers, 1875)
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONL.[ithocolletis] Mariaeella (n. sp.)
TYPE LOCALITYU.S.A., Mo.[Missouri], St. Louis County, Kirkwood.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) 3 syntypes (gender not stated).
COMMENTThis is perhaps a junior subjective synonym of Phyllonorycter emberizaepenella (Bouché, 1834). It was probably introduced into Canada (Ferguson 1975: 42). The Nearctic populations are also parthenogenetic, just like the Palaearct (Maier & Davis 1989: 13).
PUBLICATION Chambers, V. T. 1875b. Tineina of the Central United States. - Cincinnati Quarterly Journal of Science 2(2):97-121.

Species Distribution

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Host Plants

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*   Blotch mine on underside of leaf.