Hirsuta Fletcher, 1929

SUBFAMILY Lithocolletinae
AUTHORFletcher, 1929
STATUSSynonym of genus
PUBLICATIONFletcher, T. B. 1929. A list of the generic names used for Microlepidoptera. - Memoirs of the Department of Agriculture in India. Entomological Series 11(i-ix):1-244.
COMMENTSType species: Elachista populifoliella Treitschke, 1833. By original designation. By citing "Hirsuta, Bruand 1847 (non-descr.)" together with a type-species, Fletcher unintenionally established Bruand's nomenclaturally unavailable name. A junior subjective synonym of Phyllonorycter Hübner, 1822 (Nye & Fletcher 1991: 150).