Phyllonorycter acernella (Duponchel, [1843])


SUBFAMILY Lithocolletinae
SPECIES acernella
AUTHOR(Duponchel, [1843])
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONElachista acernella.
TYPE LOCALITYNot stated. "De l'envoi de M. Parreys".
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Not stated. One specimen "acernella f. R." (de Joannis 1915: 122).
STATUSSynonym of species
SYNONYM OFacerifoliella
COMMENTA junior subjective synonym of Lithocolletis acerifoliella Zeller, 1839, synonymized by Stainton (1848a: 2154). The specimens identified as acernella from Austria and reared from Acer pseudoplatanus in the coll. A. Ortner and in the coll. J. Klimesch (ZS
PUBLICATION Duponchel, P. A. J. 1842–1845. In: Godart, J.-B., Histoire naturelle des Lépidoptères ou Papillons de France. Nocturnes. Supplément aux tome quatrième et suivants. - — :1–554, pls. 51–90.
PAGINATION 316, pl. 76, fig. 11