Phyllonorycter demetrii (Ermolaev, 1986)


SUBFAMILY Lithocolletinae
SPECIES demetrii
AUTHOR(Ermolaev, 1986)
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONLithocolletis demetrii Ermolaev, sp. n.
TYPE LOCALITY[Russia], South Primorye, Dalnegorskyi Raion, Kitovoe Rebro.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Holotype ♂, ZIN; Paratypes 3 specimens (gender not stated), not in ZIN (see Baryshnikova 2002: 205).
STATUSSynonym of species
SYNONYM OFmatsudai
COMMENTA junior subjective synonym of Lithocolletis matsudai Kumata, 1986; synonymized by Noreika (1994a: 107).
PUBLICATION Ermolaev, V. P. 1986b. Two new species of leaf miners of the genus Lithocolletis Hbn. (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) damaging oak and pea shrub in southern Primorye. In: Ler, P. A. (Ed.), Systematics and ecology of Lepidoptera from the Far East of the USSR. - — :1–131, Chapter pagination: 26–30.
PAGINATION 26–29, figs. 1, 2