Phyllonorycter scorpius Laštuvka & Laštuvka, 2006


SUBFAMILY Lithocolletinae
SPECIES scorpius
AUTHORLaštuvka & Laštuvka, 2006
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONPhyllonorycter scorpius sp. n.
TYPE LOCALITYSpain, Teruel, Albarracin.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Holotype ♂, coll. A. Lastuvka; Paratypes 28♂ and 6♀, coll. A. Lastuvka, RMNH, ZMHB.
STATUSSynonym of species
SYNONYM OFechinosparti
COMMENTA junior subjective synonym of Phyllonorycter echinosparti Lastuvka & Lastuvka, 2006; synonymized by Lastuvka et al. (2013: 255).
PUBLICATION Laštuvka, A. & Laštuvka, Z. 2006. The European Phyllonorycter species feeding on the plants of the tribe Genisteae (Fabaceae), with descriptions of twelve new species (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). - Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis 54(7):65–83.
PAGINATION 71, figs. 9, 48, 72

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